Daily Funny Videos

About this website
  • A day without laughter is a day wasted. - Charlie Chaplin

    I love watching funny videos and I want to share the best videos with you. Thats why I created this website.

    My website “Daily Funny Videos“ offers you a collection of my favourite videos, the ones that are hilarious, the ones I am laughing my ass off ;) When I find new videos on facebook or somewhere else, I collect these videos. About once a week I update this website with these new videos. When I discover a new funny video, I simply put the youtube links online. You are invited to share my website and the videos :) I chose to use youtube videos, because that’s where 90 % of the clips I like are online and also because the videos are easy to put them up here.

    I also post the videos on facebook - so if you like this website feel free to follow me there, the more people to share the better. On facebook I will ad one new video each day, that’s why I called this little project “Daily Funny Videos”.

    At the moment I will start the website with three different categories: „Funny Animals“, „Funny Kids“ and „Funny Fails“, so it is easier for you to find the videos you love. I am going to expand my website and add more categories, but that will take some time. If you have any suggestions for me like a new video or a whole new category that I should add to my website, just post a comment on my facebook page.

    As this is the first website I have created, I hope I didn’t make any major mistakes, if you happen to find a broken link or something like that, it would be great if you could send me a mail. Then I can fix it as quickly as possible.